Some of the journeys behind the stories on

2015: North Africa (sea, road and rail)

To Morocco via Spain, south by Grand Taxi, bus and train to Marrakech, east to the Sahara and west to Essaouira


2015: Eastern and Northern Europe (road, rail and sea) 

By road through the Baltic states, sea to Helsinki and rail to St Petersburg en route Moscow.


2015: East Asia (road and rail)

By train through Japan, Nikko to Nagasaki, a ferry across to South Korea and then by train and inter city bus up the East Coast and across country to Seoul


2014: Western Europe (rail)

Interrailing. Eurostar to Brussels, through Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and across France to Paris for the Eurostar back to London.


2014: East and Southern Africa (road)

Nairobi to Cape Town overland, through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

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2014: South America (road and rail)

A slice of the Gringo Trail. Lima, Peru to Santiago de Chile, via Bolivia.


2013: Australasia (road, rail, air)

A classic road trip up the East Coast of Australia, with a detour by air to Melbourne. Then hopping over to New Zealand for another road and rail trip through the North and South Islands.

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2012-2013: Southeast Asia (road, rail, sea and air) Southeast Asia (road, rail, sea and air)

One of the almost limitless variations on the Banana Pancake Trail through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.


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