For If You Meet a Lion, Just Pretend Nothing Happened

“This post had me holding my breath!”

For Phnom Penh’s Ghosts

“Well-written and informative.”

“…a powerful and evocative piece of social history.

Another fascinating history lesson, as always, informative and engaging.”

For The Two Japans

“Nice shots.”

“Lovely pictures.”

For Melbourne. Better than Sydney? Yes…I Mean, No

“I like the way you write about both cities.”

“I enjoyed reading this.”


For Journey through Zimbabwe, Part 6

“Love your journal !”

For Beer and Losing in Las Vegas

“So true! Great post.”

“Loved this post, thank you.”

For Queenstown in May 

“Another interesting insight.”

“Reading this, I feel like I’m also there, seeing those things and experiencing the travel. Thanks for the sharing so beautifully.”

For Journey through Zimbabwe, Part 3

“This is a great little description of Masvingo!”

For Of Poop and Parties: San Pedro de Atacama

“That’s some brilliant travel writing, well done!!!”

Great piece, mix of history and modernity

For Journey through Zimbabwe, Part 2

“I absolutely love your writing…. Do you have a background in creative writing or journalism?”

“And again, your writing took me on a wild adventure… Thank you”

“Excellent chronic of a dystopia.”

“…again you’ve painted a wonderfully vivid portrait”

For Dingoes and Dad Jokes on Fraser Island

“Your writing style is very imaginative… it brought me right back to my own trip to the island!”

“Very nice, great photos!”

Very imaginative piece, enjoyed reading it”

For Faded Huế

When I read your pieces I want to go to all these places straight away, leave everything behind and just go…. I love your colorful way of telling the story and I wait for each piece with growing excitement”

“Excellent composition of words as always.”

For Downtown and Almost Out in LA

“Your story gave me goosebumps! …Fascinating story of the hotel and brilliant insight into people life. This is so far in my humble opinion the best piece.”

For A Bus to Puno

“I just love it! Your description of the journey, the bus, the streets and the festival… brilliant”

“Very enjoyable”

For Travelling by Tube in New Zealand

“Another amazing story!!! I read it holding my breath”

For New Year’s East

“Your writing invokes such vivid imagery — great for armchair traveling when one can’t get away from the office!”

For Serengeti Snapshots



“Beautiful post”

For A Perspective on Lima

“Beautiful photos and wonderfully written.”


For Are You a Tourist or a Traveller…And Who Cares?

“I completely agree with your post and love the way you have written it.”

“Great post, now an avid follower.”

“Well written post. I enjoyed it.”

For The Kindness of Strangers

“Awesome story.”

For Riding History in San Francisco

“I love your way of wording things.”

For The Tyranny of the Bucket List

“Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed, very interesting post and amazing insights you have here”

“This article stirred up something inside me… A very different thought. Thanks for sharing.”

“What a great post. I will love to discover the rest of your blog.”

“I love this post”

“Well written and homorous. You are a good storyteller”

“Loved the read”

“Well said!”

“I agree completely”

“So relatable. Love this post!”

 “A very interesting post. I agree with you totally”

“This is a lovely little post”

“A liberating read”

“An amazing post”

“Beautifully written and really enjoyed reading this”

“I wholeheartedly agree”

“What a fantastic post!”

“Congratulations and thank you for this wonderful thought”

“I enjoyed this post a lot”

“Very good! Enjoyed it”

“That was amazingly written!”

“Most enjoyable to read, had a giggle!”

“How immensely sensible.”


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