Time Travelling


I was halfway across the Tasman Sea by 9.30 am. After we landed in Sydney two hours later and I put my watch back to local time, it was 9.30 am once again.

I was kicking around the terminal for five hours, waiting for my connecting flight; then on the plane for fourteen, with the child behind kicking me. But there was no chance of sleeping anyway, because the old man in the seat next to mine thought out loud when awake and snored like a grampus when asleep…and then, hours later, woke with a snuffle and sigh and told me he never slept on planes.

When I arrived puffy-eyed at LAX, it was 9.30 am for the third time that day, and I had got there before I set off.

© Richard Senior 2015

4 thoughts on “Time Travelling

  1. I used to be a travel agent many years ago and I will never forget a customer once asking me how she can arrive earlier in the day than when she was taking off… she was not a seasoned traveller, and this was her first trip from east coast USA to west coast USA 🙂
    Time difference is such a fun thing 😉

  2. I still find it hard to get my head round it. Flying overnight to/from the UK isn’t quite so bewildering. somehow, as this one (Auckland – Sydney – LA). It’s the only time I have ever had a day with four 9.30’s in it :-0

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